About Us


Happy G Ramp family is based in Europe in small, green and lovely country Lithuania.

Our dream and aim is to make dogs daily life easier and healthier at the same time staying design friendly for your house.

G Ramp was inspired by dachshund Gaia and her never ending jumps from furniture and her moms wish to have something stylish. That’s how we came up to 100% handmade dogs ramp and investment of 99% love (1% we are keeping for ourselves 🙂 )

The SHOW maker

The dachshund that inspired to create, the product tester and beloved family member.


Dachshund mom, G Ramp founder and friendly helpful person.


G Ramp constructor, a handyman and a person always open for new ideas. P.S. he hates taking photos and says that products he makes should say more than his face 🙂

Happy G Rampers

  • High quality materials, simple yet very esthetic design, and a way easier life for my dachshund. I must admit this is one of the best items I’ve ever bought for my dog.

    Greta (Lithuania) Dachshund mom
  • Very mobile thing, which does not take much space. The relation between the quality and price.

    Diana (Lithuania) Dachshund mom
  • It’s just perfect for my 12 year old dachshund. Helps him climb up the sofa and my bed. It does not look cheap, perfectly fits our house. Actually thinking about extra one to have.

    Michelle (UK) Dachshund mom